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The Swellest of Mobs

Things I’m glad I lugged to Edinburgh: ·My gym kit ·My Kindle and other things to read ·My denim jacket that takes a long time to dry
Things I’m genuinely glad I took to Edinburgh ·Comfortable shoes ·Absolutely no smart clothes ·Tupperware ·My Tinkerbell travel mug ·Two sets of headphones (the dog ate one)
As ever, Edfringe was a long, crazy, tiring but fun month.At the half way mark it seemed that it would never end and that I’d be destined to walk up hill for an hour a day (ok, half an hour, the way home was downhill). But it did and all of a sudden, I was fighting my way onto a train at Waverley and heading back to London.
At the fringe in 2017 I had a solo show and mainly flyered on my own.I had a lot of wonderful support from family and friends but if I wasn’t there, there was no show.This year couldn’t have been more different.
The Swell Mob by Flabbergast Theatre was an immersive show with a rotating cast of 30.Yes 30!There was a core cast of 10 (of which I was one) who were there for …