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Because you know I'm all about

The curse of being self-employed is that you often don’t know when or where your next job is coming from.   This is also part of the fun, but can make dealing with you quite annoying.   Not knowing when you will be busy or if you will have an income in the foreseeable future is both concerning and irritating.   Financially, mortgages, rent, travel costs all need to be budgeted for BEFORE deciding you can afford the fancy coffee en route to an audition.   The thing I struggle more with though is booking things.  For a long time, I either didn't book things or had mild palpitations when I did.  “Booking things” for me covers the gamut of events from a routine dental appointment in 6 months’ time to theatre trips to holidays. Ah holidays.  These are things that many actors don’t have for YEARS for the following reasons.  Reason one:  money (massive drama school debt and profit share plays mean no savings).  Reason two:  the curse.  The curse is that if you book a holida