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The value of being a tree

Two sets of figures for you: Total turnover in arts and culture in the UK in 2013 was £15.1 billion, with gross value added totally   £7.7billion [1] For every £1 of public funding paid to Arts Council England, the culture sector pays back £5 in tax contributions.   £1 paid in by the government, £5 return .  Pretty good. Why am I telling you this?  Well for a start, I think it’s quite interesting.  That’s a helluva lotta money!  It shows what a buoyant, successful and profitable industry the arts are.  The UK’s thriving tourism industry accounts for a huge 9% of the UK’s GDP [2] with 24% of visitors in London going to the theatre/ballet/opera [3] . And yet, as ever, the arts are under threat.  Funding from the government to a myriad of organisations is always in danger of being reduced or removed completely and drama and dance GCSEs are at risk being of side lined as they aren’t considered academic enough and this concerns me.  I understand that the