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Plate Spinning

I am currently rehearsing for a musical, it’s a fabulous new piece called “Musical of the Year” and I’m having a lot of fun.   It’s my first musical for a while and although I sing regularly in a choir and take dance classes weekly, I haven’t had to sing and dance AT THE SAME TIME for quite a while.   When learning the high octane finale number the other day I couldn’t hear much soprano – partly I realised mid-pirouette, because I wasn’t actually singing.   Apparently my body, much like an old PC, was struggling to run both the “remember new choreography” and “sing correct lyrics in right key” programmes at the same time. Thinking about this later, it struck me that this is what actors have to do quite a lot - multitask.  This is an overused phrase but it is quite apt.  Day job: Unless you are one of the lucky few who have a long contract or are a much sought after actor, most actors have one or several other jobs they have to juggle around auditions and rehearsals.  CPD (Contin