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"God I hope I get it"

Auditions, castings, workshops – they’re never the same and they are all a bit odd. Auditions are a necessary evil of the acting profession.   I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who really enjoys auditions but we all rejoice when we get them and despair when we don’t. For the uninitiated, I’ll describe the different types A fairly standard audition You have the script in advance, you read it, you prepare your part.   At the audition, you perform the scenes you were asked to practice in advance and possibly read from another part of the script, which because you are well prepared, you are already familiar with. “Bring a monologue” auditions Variety of reasons for these.   If it’s a Shakespeare play, they may want to see your grasp of the Bard as many people are not strong sight readers, especially with Shakespeare.   For other works, a monologue is seen alongside a script reading and can provide a bit of variety for the director.   Sometimes the script isn’t finished.

Awake: Part 2 - The North and the South

Awake: Part 2 Edinburgh and Sydney If it hasn’t rained within 24 hours of arriving in Edinburgh, you must be in the wrong place.   I love the city, but boy does it rain. My show is being put on as part of the Free Fringe and as such my first full day in Edinburgh is spent helping put posters up in other Free Fringe venues.   This is actually really fun, meeting lots of the comedians and performers and checking out the other venues.   I also attend a session for people doing solo shows organised by EdFringe and meet some lovely fellow performers.   Over the month, many of us manage to support each other’s shows which was really wonderful. The venue for my show is new to the roster this year, I pop in to say hi and see the space and then all too soon it’s August the 3 rd and I’m out flyering for Awake .   It’s a mildly terrifying experience which does get easy as the month draws on.   Flyering can be draining, demoralising, humiliating and also engaging, hilarious a