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Wicked Skillz

As a performer, you’d think that acting, dancing or singing would be your main skill but it really isn’t.  I genuinely believe that actors must be the most employable people on the planet due to the many transferable skills that we have (which we didn’t know we needed). IT Wizard Firstly, you need a phone.  If this phone can access the World Wide Web, even better.  If you also know how to push your emails with this phone, take a selfie and self-tape an audition then you’re laughing.  If you didn’t understand any of that, you’re in trouble. Building a website, emailing and attaching files, formatting a Word version of your CV, videoing and uploading auditions, blogging, tweeting are all talents I have developed which I hadn’t considered were essential. You can’t teach an old dog… As soon as you start applying for jobs, you quickly realise that though you may have many skills, there are many others which you don’t have.  For example, boy do I wish I could play a portable