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Things they don't teach in drama school...

Things they don't teach in drama school... Drama school is just like the film FAME: acting, singing and dancing every day, emotional, full of laughter, sweat and tears, maybe slightly less use of legwarmers but essentially, it’s exactly the same. However, when you leave the cosy cocoon and enter the big scary world of being “an actor”, there are a few things that you realise the Professional Studies class should have covered… Small children will heckle you A lot of drama graduates will do at least one TIE (Theatre in Education) or panto tour at some point in their career.  The pay and comfort of these tours varies wildly from (a) three people in a Nissan Micra with their entire set & costumes and a box of maps, to (b) being driven around by a stage manager in a cosy, fitted out van.  By and large, these jobs involve getting up VERY EARLY in the morning, driving to a school or care home, being offered a cup of tea, negotiating swing doors and stair cases while car